Use of Public Access Internet Policy

INTRODUCTION:  Berkeley Heights Public Library is pleased to offer patrons access to the wealth of information available through the Internet as part of the Library’s goal of meeting the educational and recreational needs of its public.

Berkeley Heights Public Library endorses the American Library Association Library’s Bill of Rights as well as its Access to Electronic Information, Services, and Networks: an Interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights.

Berkeley Heights Public Library can not endorse the myriad viewpoints or vouch for the authenticity of information accessed via the Internet.  Patrons must determine what information is appropriate and must evaluate for themselves the accuracy of the information accessed.

Professional staff members of BHPL will answer basic questions about use of the Internet and offer searching suggestions to help locate information resources and popular sites.  For more in-depth training in Internet use or personal computer skills, patrons may inquire at the Reference Desk to schedule one-on-one time assistance with a member of the reference staff or for classes held by the Library.

GETTING STARTED:  An Internet Management System facilitates the equitable use of the Library’s Internet resources and provides use statistics to help the Library assess its technology needs.

Library patrons initiate Internet access by typing in a user barcode numbers.  BHPL and registered MUF and MURAL cardholders, in good standing, will use their existing barcode numbers.

Internet users must use their own card.  Anyone found using a different card will at a minimum immediately lose any remaining Internet time.  Repeat offenders will risk losing Internet use for progressively longer periods of time, as determined by the Library.

Guest passes are available at the Circulation Desk for those not registered to borrow from the Library.  Guest passes are good for one day only.

Time will be allotted in 60 minute segments.  Sessions may be extended if no other library patron is waiting.  Internet use will be limited to 3 hours per day per patron.

Copies are 10¢ per page for black & white and 15¢ per page for color.  Payment must be made when pages are picked up at the Circulation Desk.

RESPONSIBLE AND COURTEOUS USE OF PUBLIC ACCESS INTERNET:  Computer workstations are shared by and visible to library patrons of all ages, backgrounds and sensibilities.  Individual Internet patrons are expected to consider this if accessing potentially controversial or disturbing information and images.

Due to space and time constraints, conversations should be kept to a minimum while using the Library’s Internet resources.

PROHIBITED ACTIVITIES: Include but are not limited to…

      • Illegal or unethical activity including but not limited to displaying, sending, receiving or printing illegal or obscene content, or violate laws relating to child pornography (N.J.S.A. 2C:24-4)
      • Transmission of threatening, harassing or abusive language and/or images
      • Inappropriate or intrusive behavior that interferes with or disrupts library operations or creates an offensive, intimidating or hostile environment for library patrons or staff
      • Making unauthorized copies of copyrighted, licensed or otherwise controlled information and/or software residing on the Internet
      • Seeking disallowed access to any other computer system via the Internet
      • Damaging or altering the setup of any equipment used to access the Internet
      • Modifying the configuration settings of any program on a BHPL computer
      • Downloading files to the hard drive
      • Introducing or installing any software to BHPL computer equipment
      • Deliberate propagation of computer malware and/or viruses

Berkeley Heights Public Library reserves the right for staff to terminate a patron’s Internet session at any time and to enforce the guidelines expressed in this document.  Repeated abuse of this policy will result in a loss of Internet use for a specified period of time based upon the severity and frequency of the offense.

Staff will report any potentially illegal activity of which they become aware to the appropriate authorities who will determine whether to prosecute.

PUBLIC ACCESS INTERNET USE BY CHILDREN:  Oversight of and responsibility for (and any restriction of) a child’s use of the Internet rests solely with his or her parents or legal guardians.  Parents are encouraged to discuss the use of the Internet in relation to values, beliefs, and boundaries.  This is not the role or responsibility of the BHPL.


Library staff is not responsible for monitoring use of the Internet.

BHPL will not release information on the use of specific Internet resources by patrons except as required by law.

BHPL is not responsible for any damage done to patron’s disks, data, hardware or software by any virus which may have been contacted or through library equipment.

BHPL is not responsible for any damage done to patron’s disks, data, hardware or software as a result of the malfunctioning of library equipment.

BHPL is not responsible for the privacy practices or security of any web sites or social media sites accessed by patrons and cannot guarantee the privacy of searches and/or transactions conducted at public access computers.

BHPL accepts no liability for any loss of privacy or data patrons may experience, or any damages or harm arising from such loss.

BHPL expressly disclaims any liability or responsibility arising from access to or use of information obtained through its electronic information resources, or any consequences thereof.

Approved:  September 17, 2018